How to SWAP


Please follow these 4 easy steps to initiate your swap

STEP 1 – Find product with SWAP button

swap button

Only the products with a SWAP button are eligible for trade. You can find the SWAP button under the product image. If there’s no SWAP button next to the ADD TO CARD button, it means that the seller of the product won’t consider a trade. But you still can purchase the product by adding it to your cart.

STEP 2 – Click SWAP button

click swap button

The seller can set the criteria for the product for which she is willing to trade. It can be by product category, brand or minimum price. If you see criteria added it means that the seller is looking only for a specific product to swap. If there are none added it means that the seller is open to trade any products.

STEP 3 – Suggest a product to SWAP

add product

Select your product from the dropdown menu. You can add only 1 product to swap at a time. Add a comment to make your swap request more noticeable for the seller. 

STEP 4 – Check your vendor dashboard’s messages

vendor message

Please follow this path: AccountVendor dashboardMessages.

You will see the status of your swap request in your messages. If the request was approved by the seller, the status will be marked as “Accepted.” After your request is accepted you can press the “Click here to checkout” link to finish your trade process.


Please follow these easy steps to add a SWAP option to your product

Please follow this path: AccountVendor dashboardProducts.

You can add a SWAP option while you are adding a new product or editing an existing product.

Inside the product page click on the SWAP checkpoint. This signals that you would agree to trade your product for another seller’s product.

You can also set criteria for the products you would agree to swap for. It can be by product category (clothing, shoes, etc.), Brand (Zara, Gucci, etc.) or brand type category (designer brands, mass market, vintage).

You can also set a minimum price for the swap request (e.g. I want to swap for an item which costs no less than $100.00)

Congratulations! Now you can accept swap requests from other users and send requests yourself.

To start a SWAP request just follow the instructions above on “4 easy steps to initiate your swap.”